Creating a winning strategy with 5 key questions

30th November, 2022

In this podcast Alan and Bhairav talk with Mark Farrar-Brown from Fit to Lead

Mark is a coach to CEOs of scaling businesses and in this podcast he shares a number of insights with us from the world of entrepreneurship, most notably the 5 questions you need to answer as a start-up founder in order to create a winning strategy

As you can expect, this episode, like all others goes off topic and the team talk about purpose – hasn’t it always been a thing, don’t all business leaders have a purpose

We also talk about how the new generation coming through values much more than just money and the purpose needs to be something meaningful

In addition to this Mark gives his insights into an investor and what the common mistakes founders make when they pitch to him – hint, its all about the finances

We end this episode on a somewhat positive note in that the VCs are now back to doing due diligence and funding businesses that have as solid basis